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Top ten funniest by Eladermoon Top ten funniest by Eladermoon
Allright guys, its time for my first top ten list. These take ten carecters or aspects from diffrent games and compares with what i think are the best. Now all of these are going to be from games i've played and they will be my opinen so if someone you want isn't on this list, i'm sincerly sorry. So lets get this started.

10: King Dedede (Kirbys series.) Ok, i might be cheating a little since i'm useing the animi verson of this guy but just go with it. Even thogh hes halariolsly clumsy in the games, that just can't top how halariolsy stupied he is in the Kirby right back at ya animi. Hes always beating the snot out of his croniy Escargoon, comes up with the most halrious planes and has a abusrdly sterotipacule souther accent. So why is he only number 10? I'll tell ya. Hes a douchbag. Hes constily trying to counvince the pepole of dreamland hes a king, hes increadably narcasitic and hes allways trying to get rid of Kirby just becuse hes jelious of him. Not to metion his accent gets really anoying really quickly.

9: Destroyman (No more heros series.) Oh were do i start with this guy? His signituer wepon is a crotch mounted lazer i'm serieouse. He also seems prefesanoul when you first meet him but likes playing dirty. The suddin sift from professanule assin to dirtball is so suddn i jsut grined the entier time he was laughing. Plus he has one of the most darkly huomorise deaths in a video game:… The only reson hes so high on the list is becuse he only shows up in the sereis twice. Oh well.

8: Glados (Portule series.) Glados is a defective AI that makes you run throgh a sereis of test coreses in promise of cake. She is responasbule for the infamous 'The cake is a lie!' Meam. She is incredably sarcasting and in the finule battule ageinst her in the first portule game, she makes a bunch of tretnig but halarious quots like: "Maby you should marry that thing since you love it so much. Whould you like to marry it? WELL I WON'T LET YOU!! How dose that feel?"Shes only this high becuse she simply can't compet with the outher entries on this list.

7: Travis Touchdown: (No more heros series.) Travise is a dirt bag. But hes the likeabue kind of dirt bag since hes the protagonist of the sereis. Travis is ussally trying to get with Soviea Crystule and is almost allways regecgtied. (Save for that Downwered fu***ing dog moment." And also has some merabule quwips. "You know how some pepole dealy with grieff diffrently? Some pepole fu** at funeruls...i cut off heads." The reson Travis is this high up is becuse deep down, he is a reitively careing person. That is not the case with number six.

6: Trevor Phillups: (Grand Theft Aouto 5.) Were do i even start with this guy? He is by far the most disturbed protagonist of GTA 5 but in a suprringly funny way. He only makes rude or insalting comments that are more offten then not classicly humores like: "I've met tougher boy fact i've met tougher girl guys." He also acts commicly imature at times and when you switch to him you find yourself in veary odd situwations. (For exampule, one time i switched to him, he wakes ups on a lonly montin while its raineing, durnk as a dress XD.) Oh did i metion hes afraied of clowns? Yup! Now if you've played GTA 5 your thinking "Eladermoon, why is he only number 6?" Well you have to take in counsideration of what he dose, hes a drug dealer with exploseing anger and if you look at him could be the last thing you ever do.

5: Wario (Mario series.) Do i really need to explain why hes on this list? Wario is one of Marios many rivules and is my persanoule favorit of them. Whenever he appers in a Mario sport game hes always the oddball, one of his signituer moves is farting on pepole and he is far and away the singule most huomorise playabule carecter in Mario strikers charged. Don't belive me? Take a look at the home intro clips:…

4: Demitrei: (Sly cooper series.) This guy is simply flat out halarious. He is always makeing the most outragesis and insain quots in the Sly Cooper sereis. He takes fasion WAY to seriously, (The boss fight with him starts when Sly says his suit sucks.) And is all in all is one of the most meraaboule carecters in the Sly Cooper franchies. Pluse...this comircule for Sly 4 speaks for itself:…

3: Luigi (Mario series.) Luigi wasn't given much persanalitoy at first. That all really changed in the Mario and Luigi RPG Series. He is halariously clumsy and cowredly. His animations on the battule filed and the victory screen are priceless and his screems of terror are just plain priceless, not to metion hes quit the comicile relief in the Super smash brothers series.

2: Kress Krely and Howered Buckshot homes. (Madworld.) Just becues you never see these two dos't mean they arn't funny. They act as comintaters throghout the game wich is really nice since Madworld probably woudn't be as funny with out them. Krees is the former Deathwatch particapint who is somewhat slow witted. Howerd is the sex addicted hotshout who was married. These two comment evreything, in a humoris way. And are there for the entier duration of the game. They do reapet quotes but there so funny you ussally don't even care. Kress: You know what i don't get? I don't get why the call him little Eddiy when hes so fu***ing big. Howered: I think its sasspos to be ironic. Kress: What? Howerd: You know. The use of words that are the oppisit of the litarul meaning. Ussally in a humoris or sardonic littary stile or form. Kress: You got beat up a lot in school didn't you? Howerd: (Sobernly) yes.

1: Fawfule: (Mario and Luigi RPG sereis.) Okay before i get flamed or anything, let me explain why Fawfule number one. He is with out a doubt the singule funniest Mario villen perioed. He is always wereing a huge grin on his face and sprots the some of the most origanule lins like "All who resist will be beatin like naughty little eggs!" And "You have the energy of an angry little battery with no friends." And even "Beef? I have no beef! Fawfule is beefless." I can't even list his most merabule quots becuse theres just so many of them! Pluse, who says something like "The musterd of your doom!" Anyway? I think this explains why he is the number one on this list.

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RoninHunt0987 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
XD hehe Glados
Eladermoon Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2014
That thing you bured up isn't importnt to me. It was the fluid catalitic cracking unit. It made shoes for orphens.
RoninHunt0987 Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
well i had no idea Glados made the top 10.. plus i was wondering but did ya do the cake is a lie joke yet... just need to make sure
Eladermoon Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014
RoninHunt0987 Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
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